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Table 5 Convergent and discriminant validity of QLQ-CLL17 (correlation coefficient)

From: Validation of the Chinese EORTC chronic lymphocytic leukaemia module – application of classical test theory and item response theory

EQ-5D-5 L
 Usual activities0.268***0.410***0.397***
 Utility−0.457***− 0.569***− 0.549***
 Global health status−0.446***− 0.537***− 0.577***
Functional scales
 Physical functioning−0.405***−0.633***− 0.655***
 Role functioning−0.41***− 0.55***− 0.563***
 Emotional functioning− 0.634***− 0.583***− 0.568***
 Cognitive functioning− 0.511***− 0.614***− 0.601***
 Social functioning− 0.638***−0.53***− 0.564***
Symptom scales
 Nausea and vomiting0.243***0.444***0.414***
 Appetite loss0.393***0.536***0.524***
 Financial difficulties0.55***0.461***0.419***
 SB 1.000.734***
 PC  1.00
  1. SB symptom burden, PC physical condition/fatigue, WF Worries/fears about health and functioning
  2. aThe score or global health status and functional scales of QLQ-C30 and utility of EQ-5D-5 L were reversed: a higher score means a better status and a lower score means a worse status
  3. * p< 0.05; ** p< 0.01; *** p< 0.001