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Table 4 Known-groups validity between patients receiving treatment and not receiving treatment

From: Validation of the Chinese EORTC chronic lymphocytic leukaemia module – application of classical test theory and item response theory

 Treatment (n = 228)No treatment (n = 49)Difference (95% C.I.)p-value
SB (item 1–6)31.7517.4120.4114.9811.34 (6.5 ~ 16.17)< 0.001
PC (item 7–10)31.9120.0224.3215.27.59 (2.53 ~ 12.64)0.003
WF (item 11–17)57.5627.1452.8424.974.72 (−3.23~12.68)0.24
  1. There are four kinds of treatment: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, or surgery
  2. 95% C.I., 95% confidence interval
  3. p-value was calculated based on the robust one-way ANOVA on trimmed means suggested by Wilcox
  4. SB symptom burden, PC physical condition/fatigue, WF Worries/fears about health and functioning