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Table 3 Results of confirmatory factor analysis (two models)

From: Validation of the Chinese EORTC chronic lymphocytic leukaemia module – application of classical test theory and item response theory

Model (three subscales)Chi-squaredfCFITLIRMSEASRMR
EORTC-CLL17 with item 16 and item 17361.391160.900.8710.0900.073
EORTC-CLL17 without item 16 and item 17268.97870.9360.9230.0800.054
  1. df degree of freedom, CFI Comparative fit index (> 0.9), TLI Tucker-Lewis index (> 0.9), RMSEA root mean square error of approximation (< 0.08), SRMR standardized root mean square residual (< 0.08)