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Table 3 Comparison of HRQoL among adults with and without DM in Adama city, 2019

From: Heath related quality of life and associated factors among adults with and without diabetes in Adama city East Shewa, Ethiopia 2019; using generalized structural equation modeling

Domain of HRQOL & Overall QoLDiabetic (n = 359)
Mean (SD)
Non-diabetic (n = 415)
Mean (SD)
Mean differencep-value
Overall QoL43.25(19.90)65.48(23.88)22.24< 0.0001*
General health42.27 (17.56)76.45(27.60)24.30< 0.0001*
Physical health45.40(15.38)74.04(17.63)28.64< 0.0001*
Psychological health53.99(10.35)75.85(15.75)21.86< 0.0001*
Social relation53.86(20.92)73.89(21.65)20.02< 0.0001**
Environmental health48.13(9.87)58.34(11.55)8.99< 0.0001*
  1. *p-values from two-sample t-test with unequal variances
  2. **p-values from two-sample t-test with equal variances