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Table 4 Parameter estimates and standard errors of diabetes-related complications categories from OLS regression, adults with diabetes. Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, panels 2009–2015

From: Health related quality of life and healthcare utilization among adults with diabetes and kidney and eye complications in the United States

  Outcome: PCS.
Adjusted for MCS and other factors
Outcome: PCS.
Adjusted for other factors but not MCS
Beta SE Significance Beta SE Significance
Eye Complications −2.93 0.42 < 0.001 −2.99 0.41 < 0.001
CKD −3.68 0.64 < 0.001 −3.78 0.64 < 0.001
CKD & Eye Complications −6.04 0.62 < 0.001 −6.16 0.62 < 0.001
Neither CKD nor ECs Reference Group Reference Group
  1. Abbreviations: SE Standard error, CKD Chronic Kidney Disease, PCS Physical Component Summary, MCS Mental Component Summary
  2. Note: Based on 8415 adults aged 21 years or older, alive during the calendar years, and reported having diabetes
  3. PCS adjusted model included sex, age, race/ethnicity, marital status, poverty status, health insurance coverage, number of mental and physical health conditions, BMI, smoking status, geographic area of residence and physical activity