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Table 1 Simple comparison between FBIS-24 and ZBI-22

From: A comparison of psychometric properties of two common measures of caregiving burden: the family burden interview schedule (FBIS-24) and the Zarit caregiver burden interview (ZBI-22)

Item number2422
Likert scale rating3-point (0-no,1-moderate, 2-serious)5-point (0-never, 1-seldom,2-sometimes, 3-often, 4-always)
Score range0–480–88
Cut-off value&23 [11]48 [17]
Dimensionality6 (financial burden, disruption of routine family activities, family leisure, family interactions, and effect on physical and mental health of family members)1–5 (different studies proposed different factors)
  1. &calculation of cut-off value, sensitivity and specificity was based on two recent published papers on determining cut-off values for FBIS-24 and ZBI-22 to predict psychological distress including depression and anxiety. Here we only listed sensitivity and specificity based on the depression score as measured by PHQ-9