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Table 5 Concurrent validity: correlations between the heiQ subcale scores and those on the SF-36 subscales (n = 299)

From: Italian validation of the health education impact questionnaire (heiQ) in people with chronic conditions

heiQ scalesSF-36 Physical functioningSF-36 Role limitations due to physical problemsSF-36 Bodily painsSF-36 General health perceptionsSF-36
Social functioning
SF-36 Role limitations due to emotional problemsSF-36 Perceived mental health
1. Positive and active engagement in life.24*.18.10.30*.28*.23*.11.30*
2. Health directed activities.26*.18−.01.16.32**.16.20.37**
3. Skill and technique acquisition.
4. Constructive attitudes and approaches.45**.38**.24*.39**.42**.41**.31**.43**
5. Self-monitoring and insight.33**.21.24*.20.35**.12.10.36**
6. Health service navigation.*.17.07.23
7. Social integration and support.25*.10.12.27*.34**.11.12.36**
8. Emotional distress−.40**−.23−.27*−.42**−.25*−.40**−.25*−.32**
  1. Note. **p < .001; *p < .05; heiQ health education impact Questionnaire; SF-36 Medical Outcomes Survey Short Form-36