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Table 4 Means of EQ-5D index and VAS and the differences between proxy-report and self-report groups before and after PSM

From: Assessing the proxy response bias of EQ–5D-3 L in general population: a study based on a large-scale representative household health survey using propensity score matching

IndicatorsBefore PSMAfter PSM
Proxy-reportSelf-reportDifference (95%CI)PProxy-reportSelf-reportDifference (95%CI)P
EQ - 5D indexa0.929 (0.178)0.943 (0.132)−0.014(−0.018,-0.011)< 0.0010.946 (0.134)0.924 (0.183)−0.022(−0.026,-0.018)<  0.001
EQ - VAS81.16 (15.37)80.43 (12.88)0.73(0.417,1.043)< 0.00181.40 (13.20)80.50 (15.50)−0.83(−1.218,-0.450)<  0.001
  1. aThe range of EQ-5D is 0–1. In order to express the small difference of EQ-5D index, three decimal numbers is retained