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Table 5 Factor model parameter estimates from partial strict model across MIZa

From: Evidence for measurement bias of the short form health survey based on sex and metropolitan influence zone in a secondary care population

 Factor Loadings 
ItemPhysicalMentalLatent Intercepts
1. General health1.000b0.2043.316
2. Current health limits moderate activities0.774 No/Weak MIZ: 2.532
Moderate MIZ/Urban: 2.426
3. Climbing stairs0.812 2.363
4. Accomplishing less1.2200.4843.869
5. Health limits kinds of activities1.5210.2984.001
6. Emotional problems accomplishing less 1.000b4.231
7. Emotional problems being less careful 0.9004.449
8. Pain interferes with work1.284 4.083
9. Feeling calm 0.5103.626
10. Feeling energetic0.5650.3423.441
11. Feeling depressed 0.6104.060
12. Social activities0.5460.5494.361
  1. aAll parameters reported in unstandardized form
  2. bParameter fixed to 1 for identification