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Table 2 Model input values

From: Demonstration of high value care to improve oral health of a remote Indigenous community in Australia

VariableBase caseLow valueHigh valueDistributionReference
Probabilities (P)
 P of Caries in comparison0.800.740.85BetaStudy data
 P of Caries in intervention0.710.650.78BetaStudy data
 P of new caries in comparison63.7a35.7a71.4aBetaStudy data
 P of new caries in intervention47.9a31.6a54.5aBetaStudy data
 P of seek treatment in comparison0.680.630.73TriangularRef
 P of seek treatment in intervention0.900.68100TriangularStudy data and ref
 P of restorations0.40−15%+ 15%Study data
 P of extractions0.06−15%+ 15%Study data
 P of pulp therapy0.04−15%+ 15%Study data
 Cost of examination$534878QH
 Cost of restoration$145117229GammaQH
 Cost extraction$19584442QH
 Cost of pulp therapy$7731538QH
 Cost of fissure sealant$474247QH
 Cost of radiography$383195QH
 Cost of varnish$30QH
 Cost of plaque removal$55QH
 Cost of calculus removal$918291QH
 Cost of oral hygiene instructions$50 QH
 Cost of dietary advice$37QH
 Utility of caries0.870.80.9Study data and [17]
 Utility of health1.000.951.0 
  1. aobserved probability after 2 year follow up period