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Table 6 Factor analysis

From: Evaluation of the reliability and validity of the Early Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale (ECOHIS) questionnaire translated into Malagasy

Item N°ItemFactor 1Factor 2Factor 3
  Child oral health: function and socio- environmental impactFamily emotional and social impactSocial Well-being
2Drinking hot/cold.679  
3Eating some foods.605  
4Difficulty pronouncing  .799
5Missed preschool.773  
6Trouble sleeping.740  
7Irritable, frustrated.767  
8Avoid smiling  .658
9Avoid talking.591  
10Been upset .702 
11Felt guilty .775 
12Taken time .691 
13Financial impact  .596
% variance explained (total = 65.216%) 46.52410.7897.903
  1. Varimax rotation with Kaiser normalisation; extraction method: analysis of principal components