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Table 3 Goodness-of-fit statistics of the primary model and the modified models

From: Mediating role of occupational stress and job satisfaction on the relationship between neuroticism and quality of life among Chinese civil servants: a structural equation model

StepsModel descriptionPχ2/dfGFICFITLIRMSEA
1Primary model0.0003.8490.8760.8800.8640.071
2Add covariance between e21 and e220.0003.3600.8910.9010.8870.065
3Add covariance between e16 and e170.0003.0310.9030.9150.9030.060
4Add covariance between e8 and e130.0002.8180.9130.9250.9130.057
  1. e21: the error terms of MH (mental health, a item of SF-8); e22: the error terms of RE (role limitations due to emotional problems, a item of SF-8); e16: the error terms of PF (physical functioning, a item of SF-8); e17: the error terms of RP (role limitations due to physical health problems, a item of SF-8); e8: the error terms of D2 (the item “Is relaxed, and handles stress well” of Neuroticism subscale); e13: the error terms of D7 (the item “Remains calm in tense situations” of Neuroticism subscale)
  2. GFI goodness-of-fit index, CFI comparative fit index, TLI Tucker-Lewis index, RMSEA root mean square error of approximation