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Table 6 Initial exploratory factor analysis loadings (n=518)

From: Examining the factorial validity of the Quality of Life Scale

ItemFactor 1Factor 2
1. “Material comforts home, food, conveniences, financial security…”.584−.246
2. “Health – being physically fit and vigorous…”.279−.746
3. “Relationships with parents, siblings & other relatives – communicating, visiting, helping…”.710−.139
4. “Having and raising children…”.530.162
5. “Relationships with spouse or significant other…”.668.051
6. “Close friends…”.756−.136
7. “Helping and encouraging others, volunteering, giving advice…”.821.007
8. “Participating in organizations and public affairs…”.791−.047
9. “Learning – attending school, improving understanding, getting additional knowledge…”.819−.013
10. “Understanding yourself – knowing your assets and limitations – knowing what life is about…”.840.016
11. “Work – job or in home…”.773−.096
12. “Expressing yourself creatively…”.818.050
13. “Socializing – meeting other people, doing things, parties, etc.”.748−.176
14. “Reading, listening to music, or observing entertainment…”.700−.023
15. “Participating in active recreation…”.461−.542
16. “Independence, doing for yourself…”.664−.258
Cronbach’s Alpha | Omega.95 | .95.88 | .89