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Table 11 Goodness-of-fit indices for measurement invariance analyses - four-item model across sex and health status subgroups

From: Examining the factorial validity of the Quality of Life Scale

 χ2dfχ2diff (dfdiff)CFICFIdiffTLIRMSEA
Males (n = 387)4.3120.9960.9880.055
Females (n = 641)5.1320.9970.9920.049
Model A (equal form)9.4440.9970.9910.036
Model B (equal loadings)10.5471.10(3)0.998< 0.0010.9960.022
Model C (equal factor variances)41.57832.13(4)0.9810.0160.9710.064
Model D (equal indicator intercepts)14.41104.97(6)0.997< 0.0010.9970.021
Model E (equal latent means)86.831177.39(7)0.9560.0410.9520.082
PA-H (n = 151)7.3020.9650.8950.133
PA-I (n = 470)2.8320.9970.9920.03
Model A (equal form)10.1640.9870.960.05
Model B (equal loadings)12.9372.78(3)0.987< 0.0010.9780.037
Model C (equal factor variances)13.4983.34(4)0.9880.0010.9820.033
Model D (equal indicator intercepts)14.59104.43(6)0.990.0030.980.027
Model E (equal latent means)15.03114.88(7)0.9910.0040.990.024
PA-H (n = 151)7.3020.9650.8950.133
OA (n = 131)1.43211.010
Model A (equal form)8.7340.9860.9570.065
Model B (equal loadings)11.2972.56(3)0.9870.0010.9780.047
Model C (equal factor variances)34.33825.60(4)0.9210.0650.8810.108
Model D (equal indicator intercepts)24.161015.43(6)0.9570.0290.9490.071
Model E (equal latent means)105.221196.50(7)0.7170.2690.6910.175