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Table 10 Goodness-of-fit indices for the measurement invariance analyses across physically active-healthy and osteoarthritis subgroups

From: Examining the factorial validity of the Quality of Life Scale

 χ2dfχ2diff (dfdiff)CFICFIdiffTLIRMSEA
PA-H (n = 151)9.8750.9730.9470.051
OA (n = 131)6.0750.9960.9910.041
Model A (equal form)15.94100.9860.9720.046
Model B (equal loadings)18.83142.890.989< 0.0010.9840.035
Model C (equal factor variances)42.631526.690.9360.050.9140.081
Model D (equal indicator intercepts)101.301885.360.8060.180.7840.129
Model E (equal latent means)216.5719200.630.540.4460.5150.193