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Table 5 Mean EHFScBS-9 items self-care practice score in rank order in patients with HF at the University of Gondar referral hospital

From: Health-related quality of life and extent of self-care practice among heart failure patients in Ethiopia

EHFScBS-9* itemsMean score of each self-care
1. If SOB increases I contact my doctor or nurse4.75
2. I take my medication as prescribed4.74
3. If legs/feet are more swollen, I contact my doctor or nurse4.49
4. I eat a low-salt diet3.86
5. If I experience fatigue I contact my doctor or nurse3.56
6. If I gain weight more than 2 kg in 7 days I contact my doctor or nurse2.89
7. I exercise regularly2.21
8. I weigh myself every day1.55
9. I limit the amount of fluids1.32
Overall self-care practices
 Adequate148 (52.1)
 Inadequate136 (47.9)
  1. EHFScBS-9- The European Heart Failure Self-care Behavior scale- a nine-item scale, SOB-shortness of breath.