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Table 4 Multinomial logistic regression analysis for factors associated with heart failure patients’ quality of life (with moderate HRQOL as the reference category)

From: Health-related quality of life and extent of self-care practice among heart failure patients in Ethiopia

VariablesLevel of HRQOL
Odds ratio95% CIp-valueOdds ratio95% CIp-value
Age (in years)
 < 501.110.432.880.8261.320.582.990.507
 ≥ 50_   _   
 Male_   _   
Marital status
 Widowed_   _   
Educational level
 No formal Education0.410.091.860.2470.620.162.420.492
 College/University_   _   
Place of residence
 Urban_   _   
Chronic comorbidity
 Yes_   _   
Hospitalization history
 Yes_   _   
Self-care practice
 Adequate_   _   
  1. *Statistically significant (p < 0.05)