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Table 5 Showed the quality of life of the relatives and the psychosocial burden. There is no difference between the quality of life and psychosocial burden of relatives of patients with ACLF or decompensated cirrhosis

From: Impact of acute-on-chronic liver failure and decompensated liver cirrhosis on psychosocial burden and quality of life of patients and their close relatives

ParameterDecompensated liver cirrhosis
(N = 42)
Acute-on-chronic liver failure
(N = 21)
P Value
Psychosocial burden of relatives (MEAN; SD)19,9 ± 11,525,9 ± 14,10,18
physical strength of relatives (MEAN; SD)77,5 ± 18,969,5 ± 21,90,27
mental strength of relatives (MEAN; SD)67,2 ± 12,961,6 ± 11,90,19
social strength of relatives (MEAN; SD)68,4 ± 15,265,4 ± 19,30,62
Environmental strength of relatives (MEAN; SD)77,5 ± 14,870,6 ± 16,40,21