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Table 4 Shows the correlation of the individual aspects of the patients’ quality of life with the Organ Failure score. All partial aspects except abdominal symptoms like fatigue (r = −0,294; p value: 0,02), emotional function (r = − 0,27; p value: 0,03), worries (r = − 0,42; p value: < 0,001), activity (r = − 0,256; p value: 0,042) and systemic symptoms (− 0,358; p value: 0,003) showed a significant correlation with organ failure score

From: Impact of acute-on-chronic liver failure and decompensated liver cirrhosis on psychosocial burden and quality of life of patients and their close relatives

Correlation with Organ Failure Score
ParameterCorrelationP Value
Fatigue- 0,2940,02
Emotional function- 0,2700,03
Worries- 0,420<  0,001
Abdominal symptoms- 0,1520,2
Activity- 0,2560,04
Systemic symptoms- 0,3580,003