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Table 3 Shows the univariate analysis in patients with ACLF. In addition to clinical factors such as CHILD status (p value: 0,03), hepatorenal syndrome as a cause of decompensation (p value: 0,007), duration of hospitalization (p value: 0,03) and intensive care therapy (p value: 0,04), the analysis also showed an influence on patients’ quality of life. The partial aspect of patient’s worries shows a significant association with the presence of ACLF (p value: 0,04)

From: Impact of acute-on-chronic liver failure and decompensated liver cirrhosis on psychosocial burden and quality of life of patients and their close relatives

Univariant analysis - ACLF
ParameterOR95% - CIP Value
CHILD Status0,440,2110,9310,03
hepatorenal syndrome20,52314181,5960,007
worries of patient1,79113328170,01
Duration of hospitalization0,940,8860,9940,03
ICU therapy0,160,0280,9110,04