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Table 3 Outpatient early satisfaction with care (T1)

From: Patient’s early satisfaction with care: a predictor of health-related quality of life change among outpatients with substance dependence

Satisfaction with careEQS-C responders N = 136
 nMean (SD) or %
EQS-C scores
 Contact/appointments13280.6 (19.1)
 Reception facilities13579.4 (16.1)
 Waiting time13576.5 (22.6)
 Consultation with the doctor13582.5 (16.5)
 Overall satisfaction13680.8 (15.2)
“I think I will continue attending this department”136 
 Agree 31.6
 Fully agree 55.7
Comments on the open-ended EQS-C question “What part of our service do you think could be improved?”136 
 No comment 48.0
 Positive comment 27.2
 Negative comment 16.1
 Mixed comment 8.7
  1. Abbreviations: EQS-C Quality of Care Scale in outpatient consultation, SD standard deviation