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Table 2 Comparisons between patients and their caregivers on general and cardiac-specific total scores

From: Quality of life in children with infrequent congenital heart defects: cohort study with one-year of follow-up

Patient (n = 85)Caregiver (n = 112)p valuePatient (n = 85)Caregiver (n = 112)p value
General-specific total score, median (IQR)74.4 (64.1–80.4)68.4 (59.6–83.7)0.29672.8 (59.2–85.9)69.9 (58.1–83.7)0.332
Cardiac-specific total score, median (IQR)79.6 (69.7–87.4)73.6 (62.6–84.3)0.01975.0 (67.1–87.1)73.1 (59.5–83.8)0.034
  1. IQR Interquartile range