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Table 4 The Cronbach's alpha and the Intraclass Correlation Coefficients (ICC) for the Persian version of the APQ

From: The Persian short form Aging Perceptions Questionnaire (APQ-P): A validation study

 Number of ItemsCronbach’s alpha95% CIICC
Upper limitLower limit
20 Items32 items20 Items32 items20 Items32 items20 Items32 items20 Items32 items
Consequences negative850.870.810.990.830.970.820.980.82
Emotional representation650.820.810.950.900.800.880.900.89
Control positive350.870.330.960.540.820.380.920.46
Consequences positive330.800.770.980.870.950.800.970.83
Timeline chronic50.820.990.970.98
Timeline Cyclical50.640.990.840.93
Control negative40.840.990.960.98