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Table 6 Factors patients consider when responding to the item “I am sleeping well” (N = 21)

From: Further content validation of the 18-item NCCN/FACT Ovarian Symptom Index and its Disease Related Symptom-Physical (DRS-P) subscale for use in advanced ovarian cancer clinical trials

ItemIs this question relevant to your experiences with ovarian cancer?Were you thinking of disease-related factors when answering this question?Were you thinking about treatment-related factors when answering?Were you thinking about other factors when answering?
I am sleeping wellYes = 15 (71%)Yes = 11 (52%)Yes = 12 (57%)Yes = 7 (33%)
No = 6 (29%)No = 10 (48%)No = 5 (24%)No = 14 (67%)
N/A = 4 (19%)1
  1. 1N/A = Treatment naïve patients were not asked this question