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Table 4 Mediation analysis

From: The mediating role of sleep quality in the association between nocturia and health-related quality of life

 Point estimate of indirect effect95% CI ^
Physical Functioning−2.73−4.46, −1.27
Role Physical−3.44−5.50, −1.72
General Health−3.31−5.21, − 1.66
Vitality− 4.48−6.94, − 2.29
Social Functioning− 4.57−7.06, − 2.37
Physical Component Summary score−0.98− 1.65, −0.44
  1. ^: Bootstrap confidence interval: if the 95% confidence interval (CI) does not contain zero, the mediation (indirect effect) is significant. The analysis was adjusted by age, gender, marital status and employment status
  2. Abbreviation: CI confidence interval