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Table 2 Self-reported baseline characteristics of survey respondents of all 217 respondents

From: Outcome preferences of older people with multiple chronic conditions and hypertension: a cross-sectional survey using best-worst scaling

Living alone (%)25.8
Had an injurious fall in the past 12 months (%)26.3
Has experienced low blood pressure with dizziness (%)22.1
Has experienced passing out or fainting (%)12.0
Currently receives dialysis (%)1.4
Age at first treatment for high blood pressure? (%)
 30 or younger7.4
 Older than 755.1
 Never / not anymore6.5
Number of pills per day currently taken (%)
 Less than 431.8
 More than 193.2
Self-reported life-expectancy to age range (%)
 90 or older24.9
  1. For age at first high blood pressure treatment, many respondents wrote a question mark next to the age, summarized as “unsure”. Self-reported life-expectancy should be interpreted bearing in mind that many respondents were already older than the lowest proposed category