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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of survey respondents extracted from medical records of all 217 respondents

From: Outcome preferences of older people with multiple chronic conditions and hypertension: a cross-sectional survey using best-worst scaling

Mean age (SD) [range]74.5 (8.4) [60,97]
Females (%)49.8
Race (%)
 Black/African American3.7
 Hawaiian/Pacific Islander0
 Native American0
Ethnicity (%)
Medical history (%)
 Diabetes mellitus type 241.0
 Chronic kidney disease49.8
 Mild cognitive impairment12.4
 Myocardial infarction12.0
 Congestive heart failure15.7
Mean Total Quan Score (SD) [range]6.1 (2.7) [3, 16]
Antihypertensives (%)76.5
Antihyperglycemics (%)24.4
Lipid lowering medications (%)55.8
Smoking status (%)
Mean BMI (SD)29.4 (6.2)
  1. Chronic kidney disease was defined as stage 3 or higher, excluding end-stage renal disease. Diagnoses are listed in Additional file 2