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Table 1 Descriptive statistics and preoperative clinical characteristics of the study population

From: Patient characteristics and valuation changes impact quality of life and satisfaction in total knee arthroplasty – results from a German prospective cohort study

 N/Mean (SD)%
Age70.15 (8.76) 
Gender male5338.69
BMI (Mean)28.95 (5.78) 
BMI ≥ 305539.86
Metabolic syndrome (yes)75.11
Marital status
 Living Apart10.73
Housing situation
 With partner5441.22
 With family3123.66
Health insurance
Major diagnosis
Operations at joint before TKR
 > 342.92
Cement (cement or hybrid)
Already TKR1410.22
Already THR1410.22
 Inpatient rehabilitation11281.02
Charlson Comorbidity Index
 > 375.11
ASA Physical Score Classification
Infiltration anaesthesia4432.12
Preoperative hemoglobin13.94 (1.14) 
Number of operations and other procedures2.00 (0.97) 
Knee Society Score52.33 (16.23) 
Knee Society Score function66.24 (20.99) 
  1. Abbreviations: FNB femoral nerve block, ASNB anterior sciatic nerve block, SSNB subgluteal sciatic nerve block, PDA peridural anaesthesia