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Table 3 Utility weights (EQ-5D-5 L Index) per subgroup in patients with knee osteoarthritis

From: EQ-5D-5L utilities per health states in Spanish population with knee or hip osteoarthritis

Age groups (years)< 451  0.746
RegionBasque Country1540.5030.5700.053
Canary Islands810.5680.270
BMI categoriesUnderweighta00.029
Morbid obesitye100.4650.215
Joint with osteoarthritisRight knee1090.5590.2610.752
Left knee1170.5460.259
Both knees1670.5330.287
Time since osteoarthritis diagnosis (years)<1620.6020.2450.188
1 to < 51810.5470.269
5 to < 10930.5360.270
10 to < 15350.4660.307
Contralateral kneeWithout prosthesis in the other knee3140.5460.2750.986
With prosthesis in the other knee780.5450.250
Other jointsHip osteoarthritis530.5190.3120.101
No hip osteoarthritis3390.5490.265
Osteoarthritis in other joints2280.5350.2730.813
No osteoarthritis in other joints1640.5580.269
Number of comorbidities (Charlson Index)No comorbidity2150.5720.2570.149
1 comorbidity1040.5230.282
2 comorbidities400.5040.301
3 comorbidities180.4350.279
≥4 comorbidities140.5220.282
WOMACPain score 0 to <25a420.783bcd0.187< 0.0001
Pain score 25 to < 50b1630.648acd0.186
Pain score 50 to <75c1390.450abd0.248
Pain score 75 to 100d480.252abc0.283
Stiffness score 0 to <25a440.716cd0.207< 0.0001
Stiffness score 25 to < 50b1340.652cd0.215
Stiffness score 50 to <75c1270.506abd0.250
Stiffness score 75 to 100d870.347abc0.277
Physical function score 0 to <25a410.845bcd0.113< 0.0001
Physical function score 25 to <50b1460.664acd0.173
Physical function score 50 to <75c1430.475abd0.205
Physical function score 75 to 100d630.230abc0.293
WOMAC Score 0 to <25a440.829bcd0.117< 0.0001
WOMAC Score 25 to <50b1450.665acd0.172
WOMAC Score 50 to <75c1430.464abd0.220
WOMAC Score 75 to 100d500.189abc0.277
Oxford Knee Score (OKS)Severe (0–19)a1680.346bcd0.255< 0.0001
Moderate to severe (20–29)b1280.609acd0.157
Mild to moderate (30–39)c740.780abd0.109
Satisfactory joint function (40–48)d210.879abc0.097
Non-surgery treatmentsNo pharmacologic treatment530.5790.2990.321
Any pharmacologic treatment3400.5390.267
Symptomatic slow acting drugs for osteoarthritis (SYSADOA)500.5640.2470.567*
Non-opioid pain medication2420.5460.2630.919*
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID)1520.5290.2830.529*
Opiate derivatives960.5380.2740.836*
Opioid pain medication210.3330.3090.005*
Rehabilitation / Physiotherapy140.5590.2950.854*
Knee replacementWaiting for prosthesis920.4000.266< 0.0001**
Prosthesis in the last 6 months650.6830.243
Complication after prosthesis20.4240.007
  1. BMI Body mass index, SD Standard deviation, WOMAC Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index
  2. p-values represents the significance of differences between groups by means of ANOVA except for (*) P-value comparing with the whole sample’s utility value (0.544) (one sample t-test), and (**) P-value comparing sample before and after (6 months) the prosthesis (paired sample t-test)
  3. Superscript letters indicate differences among the subgroups according to Tamhane’s T2 post hoc test for multiple comparisons at P-value< 0.01