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Table 3 Types of omissions and embellishments in reporting RCT findings when clinical relevance was not reached and considered (n = 42)

From: Rehabilitation interventions in randomized controlled trials for low back pain: proof of statistical significance often is not relevant

Clinical Relevance discussion Strategy for specific reporting No. (%)
Clinical relevance discussed   24 (57)
Clinical relevance not discussed   18 (43)
not reached   16 (39)
Full omission for the primary outcome 7 (44) a
Full omission for all primary outcomes used in the sample size calculationb 4 (25) a
Clinical relevance discussed only as within-group improvements 4 (25) a
Clinical relevance discussed at follow-ups not declared in the sample size calculation 1(6) a
reached   2 (5) a
  1. a The Total refers to 16 trials that not discussed the clinical relevance
  2. bComposite outcomes