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Table 4 Spearman’s correlation of the scales with the comparators

From: Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, and validity of the Vertigo symptom scale–short form in the central Kurdish dialect

  n = 165 n = 159 n = 143
VSS-V    0.48a − 0.37 a
VSS-AA 0.58a   0.52a −0.14 b
VSS-T 0.85a 0.91a 0.57 a −0.27a
  1. Note: Correlations stated in the hypotheses are in bold; aCorrelations is significant at the level of 0.01; bCorrelation is significant at the level 0.05
  2. Abbreviations: VSS–V/AA/T Vertigo Symptom Scale–Vestibular/Autonomic-Anxiety/Total, VAS–T Visual Analogue Scale–Total, TR–T Tandem Romberg–Total