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Table 3 Comparison of the models based on the means of RMSEs, MAEs

From: Mapping analysis to estimate EQ-5D utility values using the COPD assessment test in Korea

  Single equation Two-part
Total CAT score model
 OLS1 0.1112 0.0816 0.1153 0.0830
 OLS2 0.1114 0.0836 0.1159 0.0845
 GLM1 0.1117 0.0811 0.1154 0.0822
 GLM2 0.1115 0.0831 0.1158 0.0840
Selected items model
 OLS3 0.1086 0.0793 0.1121 0.0784
 GLM3 0.1092 0.0787 0.1123 0.0776
  1. MSE mean squared error, MAE mean absolute error, OLS ordinary least squares, GLM generalized linear model; OLS1 and GLM1 used the total CAT score as the explanatory variable. OLS2 and GLM2 used the total CAT score and the square term of total CAT score as the explanatory variable. OLS3 and GLM3 used the backward stepwise selected CAT questions as explanatory variables. Five selected questions for OLS3 and GLM3 are Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q8