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Table 1 Check List for Quality Assessment and Scoring of Nonrandomized Studies

From: Quality of life, symptoms, and sleep quality of elderly with end-stage renal disease receiving conservative management: a systematic review

Check list
 1. Is the case definition adequate? (one star for independent validation)
 2. Representativeness of the cases (one star for obviously representative series of cases)
 3. List inclusion and exclusion criteria for exposed and unexposed subjects. (one star for clear description)
 4. Describe any assessments undertaken for quality assurance purposes. (one star for comparability or test-retest of primary outcome measurements)
 5. Explain any patient exclusions from analysis. (one star for yes)
 6. Describe how confounding was assessed and/or controlled. (one star for yes)
Outcome assessment
 7. Determination of results. (one star for secure records)
 8. Summarize patient response rates and completeness of data collection. (one star for yes)
 9. Adequacy of follow up. (one star if follow-up≥80% or effective response rate ≥ 80%)