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Table 1 Article eligibility criteria

From: A systematic review of dimensions evaluating patient experience in chronic illness

Inclusion criteria: Exclusion criteria:
- Full text original article
 - Questionnaire for patients with chronic disease
 - Questionnaire to measure patient reported outcomes (PROMs), patient reported experiences (PREMs) or patient satisfaction
 - Report of a scale construction, evaluation and validation of psychometric properties (primary study)
 - Published in English or French
 - Published until November 2016
- Questionnaires to evaluate a patient with acute or psychiatric disease
- Questionnaires to evaluate children or a patients family
- Short or revised form of a scale (including additional modules)
- Transcultural adaptation or translation validation studies
- Scale revalidation on another sample or deepening of scale psychometric properties
- Articles exclusively related to content and face validation
- Studies using a scale without performing any validation
- Comparisons of scale psychometric properties
- Scale systematic review articles
- Instruments with a predominantly diagnostic, screening, prognostic or utility purpose