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Table 4 Standardized factor loadings for the final two-factor model of HRQOL (Model 3) for the SF-12v2 among adults with hemophilia

From: An evaluation of the psychometric properties of the sf-12v2 health survey among adults with hemophilia


Estimateˠ (SE)

Latent Physical Factor

 Health in general (GH01)

−0.734 (0.040)

 Limitation in moderate activities (PF02)

0.848 (0.028)

 Limitation in climbing stairs (PF03)

0.758 (0.038)

 Accomplished less due to physical health (RP04)

0.842 (0.025)

 Limited in health due to physical health (RP05)

0.831 (0.026)

 Pain interfered with work (BP08)

−0.785 (0.030)

Latent Mental Factor

 Accomplished less due to emotional problems (RE06)

0.766 (0.044)

 Less careful due to emotional problems (RE07)

0.726 (0.037)

 Felt calm and peaceful (MH09)

−0.443 (0.054)

 Have a lot of energy (VT10)

−0.575 (0.048)

 Felt downhearted and depressed (MH11)

0.627 (0.040)

 Physical health or emotional problems interfered with social activities (SF12)

0.878 (0.028)

Latent Factor Correlation

 Latent Physical Factor with Latent Mental Factor

0.829 (0.039)

Correlated Residuals

 Item PF02 with PF03

0.355 (0.091)

 Item RP04 with RP05

0.591 (0.047)

 Item RE06 with RE07

0.627 (0.041)

 Item MH09 with VT10

0.552 (0.054)

 Item MH09 with MH 11

−0.323 (0.049)

  1. Items with negative factor loadings represent those SF-12v2 questions on which higher scores indicated poorer health status whereas items with positive factor loadings represent the SF-12v2 questions on which higher scores reflected better health status
  2. ˠ All factor loadings were significant at α = 0.05