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Table 2 Coverage of P3C domains and components within the dataset

From: Can practitioners use patient reported measures to enhance person centred coordinated care in practice? A qualitative study

P3C Domains X is used to highlight P3C components that themes were not mapped onto (were not reported as being enhanced through PRM use).
  Information and communication (Dataset: primary and secondary) n = 12 My goals/outcomes (Dataset: primary and secondary) n = 10 Decision-making (Dataset: primary) n = 1 Care planning (Dataset: primary) n = 10 Transitions n = 0
Components of P3C   Consistency of contact, P3C behaviours and skills Goal setting/outcomes Support for Shared decision making Co-created plan of care X Continuity of care (regular appointment and follow up)
  Information gathering and sharing Empowerment/Activation   Key worker, coordinator  
  Knowledge of person and familiarity Self-management   Responsive and appropriate contact  
X Involvement of carers    Coordination of care/support within and across teams  
    Medication (in this case treatment) review/plan