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Table 1 Respondent Interview Debriefing Questionsa

From: What were they thinking when providing preference measurements for generic health states? The evidence for HUI3

Did one or two of the health state characteristics figure more importantly in your decisions? If so, which ones?
How important were the following in your decisions to place, or choose, the health states? I will read out a list, and for each one I would like you to tell me if they were not at all important, slightly important, somewhat important, quite important, or very important.
 The effect it would have on your leisure activities?
 The effect it would have on your family life?
 The effect it would have on your ability to work at your current job?
 The effect it would have on your ability to look after yourself?
 The effect it would have on the happiness of others?
As a result of the interview, have any of your opinions, or the strength of your opinions and feelings changed about the different types of health we have discussed?
  1. aQuestions in order as presented to respondents (n = 504)