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Table 4 Correlations PRAQ outcome domains and comparator instruments a (n = 180)

From: Instrument completion and validation of the patient-reported apnea questionnaire (PRAQ)

  ESS PROMIS Sleep-related impairment RAND vitality PROMIS fatigue PROMIS Ability to participatie in Social Roles and Activities PROMIS Satisfaction Social Roles PROMIS anger/ anxiety/ depression PROMIS sleep disturbance
Sleepiness 0.67 0.60 −.40 .52     
Energy & daily activities 0.45 0.83 −.77 0.86 −0.78 −0.60   
Emotions 0.28   −0.59 0.56 −0.60 −0.42 0.69–0.76  
Symptoms at night         0.47
Social interactions   0.56    −0.52 −0.39   
  1. ESS = Epworth Sleepiness scale, PROMIS = patient-reported outcomes measurement information system
  2. a. Correlations in bold are considered similar constructs, for which detailed hypotheses were created. The other correlations are of (somewhat) different constructs and are expected to be weaker than the bold font correlations for that PRAQ domain (for details, see Appendix 2).. Correlations for which we had no specific expectations are not shown