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Table 1 Short description of the ICF categories used for the graphs

From: Modelling of the ICF core sets for chronic ischemic heart disease using the LASSO model in Chinese patients

ICF code Category description ICF code Category description ICF code Category description ICF code Category description
  Chapter: structures of the cardiovascular, immunological, and respiratory systems   Chapter: mental functions   Chapter: general tasks and demands   Chapter: products and technology
s410 Structure of cardiovascular system b130 Energy and drive functions d230 Carrying out daily routine e110 Products or substances for personal consumption
s430 Structure of respiratory system b134 Sleep functions d240 Handling stress and other psychological demands e125 Products and technology for communication
   b144 Memory functions   Chapter: mobility   
   b152 Emotional functions d430 Lifting and carrying objects e155 Design, construction and building products and technology of buildings for private use
    Chapter: functions of the cardiovascular, hematological, immunological and respiratory systems d450 Walking   Chapter: natural environment and human-made changes to environment
   b410 Heart functions d455 Moving around e225 Climate
   b415 Blood vessel functions d460 Moving around in different locations e250 Sound
   b420 Blood pressure functions   Chapter: self-care e260 Air quality
   b455 Exercise tolerance functions d570 Looking after one’s health   Chapter: support and relationships
   b460 Sensations associated with cardiovascular and respiratory functions   Chapter: Domestic life e310 Immediate family
    Chapter: functions of the digestive, metabolic and endocrine systems d620 Acquisition of goods and services e315 Extended family
   b530 Weight maintenance functions d630 Preparing meals e320 Friends
    Chapter: neuromusculoskeletal and movement-related functions d640 Doing housework e325 Acquaintances, peers, colleagues, neighbors, and community members
   b730 Muscle power functions   Chapter: interpersonal interactions and relationships e330 People in positions of authority
   b740 Muscle endurance functions d760 Family relationships e355 Health professionals
     d770 Intimate relationships   Chapter: attitudes
      Chapter: major life areas e410 Individual attitudes of immediate family members
     d850 Remunerative employment e450 Individual attitudes of health professionals
     d870 Economic self-sufficiency   Chapter: services, systems and policies
      Chapter: community, social and civic life e570 Social security services, systems and policies
     d920 Recreation and leisure e575 General social support services, systems and policies
       e580 Health services, systems and policies