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Table 1 Items assigned to the diagnostic criteria

From: Psychometric properties of the fatigue questionnaire EORTC QLQ-FA12 and proposal of a cut-off value for young adults with cancer

 (Description, References)
EORTC QLQ-C30 (containing 30 items)
(Quality of Life Questionnaire Core of the EORTC group, [42, 43])
  Measured trait health related quality of life and symptoms in cancer patients
  Selected items (corresponding scale) c10, c12, c18 ([physical] fatigue);
c20, c25 (cognitive functioning);
c24 (emotional functioning);
c3 (physical functioning);
c11 (symptom item insomnia)
 (Description, References)
EORTC QLQ-FA13 (containing 13 items)
(Phase III (former) fatigue module of the EORTC group, [27])
  Measured trait cancer-related fatigue
  Selected items (corresponding scale) fa13_11 (dropped in QLQ-FA12);
fa13_12 (criteria variable daily activities, labeled as item fa11 in QLQ-FA12)
 (Description, References)
HADS (containing 14 items)
(Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, [44, 45])
  Measured trait anxiety and depression in physically impeded patients
  Selected items (corresponding scale) ha1, ha6 (subscale anxiety)
 (Description, References)
SCNS SF-34 (containing 34 items) (Supportive Care Needs Survey Short-Form, [46,47,48])
  Measured trait perceived supportive care needs
  Selected items (corresponding scale) s2 (subscale physical and daily living need)