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Table 3 Factor loadings of the two factors extracted using principal component analysis with promax rotation

From: Assessing self-efficacy in type 2 diabetes management: validation of the Italian version of the Diabetes Management Self-Efficacy Scale (IT-DMSES)


Factor 1

Disease management

Factor 2

Lifestyle management

1.check my blood sugar where necessary



2.correct my blood sugar when the sugar level is too high



3.correct my blood sugar when the blood sugar level is too low



4.choose the correct foods



5.keep my weight under control



6.examine my feet for cuts



7.adjust my eating plan when ill



8.follow a healthy eating pattern most of the time



9.take more exercise if the doctor advises me to



10.when taking more exercise I am able to adjust my eating plan



11.follow a healthy eating pattern when I am away from home



12.follow a healthy eating pattern when I am eating out or at a party



13.adjust my eating plan when I am feeling stressed or anxious



14.take my medication as prescribed



15.adjust my medication when I am ill