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Table 1 Stakeholder input and data considerations during development of tinnitus-specific patient-reported questionnaire instruments. This table reported the top six most frequently used in clinical trials of tinnitus interventions; all developed in the English language [see 9]

From: A narrative synthesis of research evidence for tinnitus-related complaints as reported by patients and their significant others

Questionnaire instrument Patient input Professional input Tinnitus constructs (domains or subscales)
Tinnitus Handicap Inventory [39] Unclear Yes Tinnitus handicap (functional; emotional; catastrophic)
Tinnitus Functional Index [21] No Yes Functional impact of tinnitus (intrusiveness; cognition; emotional; sleep; auditory; relaxation; sense of control; quality of life)
Tinnitus Severity Index [67] Unclear Unclear Negative impact of tinnitus
Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire [55] Unclear Yes Psychological aspects of tinnitus
Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire [43] Yes Yes Tinnitus handicap (behavioural, emotional and social; auditory; outlook on tinnitus)
Tinnitus Questionnaire/ Tinnitus Effects Questionnaire [24, 22] Unclear Yes Psychological aspects of tinnitus (intrusiveness; emotional and cognitive distress; sleep; auditory; somatic complaints)