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Table 1 Overview of mental health care units, inclusion criteria, participation rate and way of completing the RAS-R

From: Validation of the 24-item recovery assessment scale-revised (RAS-R) in the Norwegian language and context: a multi-centre study

Unit Inclusion criteria n (%) screened n (%) included Way of completing RAS-R
Mental health hospital with co-located CMHC for adults Severe mental health condition and contact with mental health services > 6–12 months 135 (42) 112 (35) Pencil and paper
Two co-organised CMHCs for adults 66 (21) 52 (16)
Mental health services in one municipality Severe mental health condition 36 (11) 32 (10)
CMHC for adults Used mental health services 2 years ago due to any mental health condition needing specialist care 85 (26) 35 (11) Telephone interview
SUM   322 (100) 231 (72)  
  1. CMHC Community Mental Health Centre