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Table 2 Principal component analysis of the SAQ-F

From: Translation and psychometric testing of the Farsi version of the Seattle angina questionnaire

Item Factor1 Factor2 Factor3 Factor4 Factor5
Physical limitation in middle to strenuous activities
 Climbing a hill/stairs 0.603     
 Gardening, etc 0.745     
 Walking 100 m or more 0.807     
 Lifting heavy objects 0.855     
 Running or jogging 0.800     
 Strenuous sports 0.603     
Physical limitation in slight activities
 Dressing   0.789    
 Walking indoors   0.778    
 Showering   0.797    
Angina pattern and discomfort of treatment
 Frequency of symptoms    0.615   
 Use of tablets    0.723   
 Troublesome and pills    0.720   
Treatment satisfaction
 Satisfaction that everything is done     0.831  
 Satisfaction with doctor’s explanation     0.772  
 Overall satisfaction with treatment     0.765  
Disease perception
 Interference with life enjoyment      0.534
 Feelings about symptom persistence      0.791
 Worry about heart attack/death      0.710