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Table 1 BODY-Q scales/checklist included in follow-up study

From: Further psychometric validation of the BODY-Q: ability to detect change following bariatric surgery weight gain and loss

Name of scale Items Example item Response options
Body 10 How your body looks in summer clothes (e.g., shorts, t-shirts)? dissatisfied/ satisfied
Abdomen 7 How your abdomen looks in a swimsuit? dissatisfied/ satisfied
Arms 7 How your upper arms look when you lift them up? dissatisfied/ satisfied
Back 4 How your back looks when you are naked? dissatisfied/ satisfied
Buttocks 5 The size of your buttocks? dissatisfied/ satisfied
Hips & Outer Thighs 5 The shape of your hips and outer thighs? dissatisfied/ satisfied
Inner Thighs 4 How the skin on your inner thighs looks? dissatisfied/ satisfied
Body Image 7 My body is not perfect but I like it. disagree/ agree
Physical 7 Walking up or down stairs? all the time/ never
Psychological 10 I am emotionally strong. disagree/ agree
Sexual 5 I am comfortable having the lights on during sex. disagree/ agree
Social 10 People listen to what I have to say. disagree/ agree
Obesity-specific symptoms 10 Short of breath with mild exercise? all the time/ never