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Table 2 FACIT Questions by Subscale

From: A mixed methods analysis of quality of life among late-life patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses

Physical I have a lack of energy
I have nausea.
Because of my physical condition, I have trouble meeting the needs of my family.
I have pain.
I am bothered by side effects of treatment.
I feel ill.
I’m forced to spend time in bed.
Social I feel close to my friends.
I get emotional support from my family.
I get support from my friends.
My family has accepted my illness.
I am satisfied with family communication about my illness.
I feel close to my partner (or the person who is my main support).
I am satisfied with my sex life (option to not answer).
Emotional I feel sad.
I am satisfied with how I am coping with my illness.
I am losing hope in the fight against my illness.
I feel nervous.
I worry about dying.
I worry that my condition will get worse.
Functional I am able to work (include work at home).
My work (include work at home) is fulfilling.
I am able to enjoy life.
I have accepted my illness.
I am sleeping well.
I am enjoying the things I usually do for fun.
I am content with the quality of my life right now.
  1. Items responses exist on a Likert scale: not at all (0), a little bit (1), somewhat (2), quite a bit (3), very much (4) with options for don’t know (dk) and not applicable (na)