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Table 9 The factor analysis of SF-12V items and CDC unhealthy days items

From: The Onset of ADL Difficulties and Changes in Health-Related Quality of Life

  Physical Health Factor Mental Health Factor
Panel A (N=407285, KMO=0.92)
SF-1: General Health Question 0.639  
SF-2: Moderate Activities Question 0.860  
SF-3: Climbing Several Flights of Stairs Question 0.861  
SF-4: Physical Health Limiting Amount Accomplished Question 0.813  
SF-5: Physical Health Limiting the Kind of Activities Question 0.851  
SF-6: Emotional Problems Limiting Amount Accomplished Question   0.767
SF-7: Emotional Problems Limiting Carefulness Question   0.685
SF-8: Pain Interfering with Work Question 0.706  
SF-9: Calm and Peaceful Question   0.660
SF-10: Lots of Energy Question 0.590  
SF-11: Downhearted and Blue Question   0.769
SF-12: Amount of Time Health Interfering with Social Activities   0.555
CDC Physically Unhealthy Days 0.450  
CDC Mentally Unhealthy Days   0.829
Panel B (455230, KMO=0.64)
PCS -0.714  
MCS   0.857
CDC Physically Unhealthy Days 0.960  
CDC Mentally Unhealthy Days   -0.917
  1. Notes: All SF-12 items are recoded such that higher scores represent worse HRQoL