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Table 3 Quality assessment applied to the identified reviews

From: Measuring quality of life among people living with HIV: a systematic review of reviews

Paper 1. Is the review based on a focused question that is adequately formulated and described? 2. Were eligibility criteria for included and excluded studies predefined and specified? 3. Did the literature search strategy use a comprehensive systematic approach? 4. Were titles, abstracts, and full-text articles dually and independently reviewed for inclusion and exclusion to minimize bias? 5. Was the quality of each included study rated independently by two or more reviewers using a standard method to appraise its internal validity? 6. Were the included studies listed along with important characteristics and results of each study? 7. Was publication bias assessed 8. Was heterogeneity assessed? (this question only applies to meta-analyses)
Carabin et al. (2008) [17] N N N NR N N N NA
Clayson et al. (2006) [4] Y N NR NR N N N NA
Colautti et al. (2006) [18] Y N N NR N N N NA
Davis & Pathak (2001) [19] Y N NR N N N N NA
Drewes et al. (2013) [3] Y Y N N N N N NA
Gakhar et al. (2013) [12] Y N NR NR N N N NA
Robberstad & Olsen (2010) [13] Y Y N NR N N N NA
Simpson et al. (2013) [11] Y Y N NR N Y N NA
Skevington & O’Connell (2003) [20] N N N NR N N N NA
Wu et al. (2013) [10] Y Y N NR N Y N NA
  1. Y yes; N No; NA not applicable; NR not reported