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Table 3 Fit of the economic-QOL-scale to the Rasch model

From: Development of a short scale for assessing economic environmental aspects in patients with spinal diseases using Rasch analysis

Testlet Item   Location SE Residual
i6    0.79 0.09 2.34
  6) I can afford the personal care assistance that I need    
t_2_3    0.52 0.06 −1.05
  2) I have enough income to live the life I want    
  3) I can afford to live where I want to    
i11    0.24 0.08 0.18
  11) I have access to extra money in case of an emergency    
t_1_5_7    −0.22 0.05 −1.79
  1) I can afford to eat out when I want    
  5) I can afford to participate in the social activities that I want to    
  7) I can afford to travel    
t_4_8_9_10    −1.32 0.05 0.15
  4) I can afford to pay my bills    
  8) I have enough income to pay my rent or mortgage    
  9) I can afford to feed myself and my family    
  10) I can afford to buy healthy food