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Table 2 List of identified reviews

From: The search for relevant outcome measures for cost-utility analysis of systemic family interventions in adolescents with substance use disorder and delinquent behavior: a systematic literature review

ID Authors Year Population
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3 Borduin CM. 1999 criminal and violent adolescents
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5 Cottrell D, Boston P. 2002 patients with conduct and attention deficit disorders, substance misuse, etc.
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7 Deas D, Thomas SE. 2001 adolescents with substance use disorders
8 Deas D. 2007 adolescents with AOD disorders
9 Diamond G, Josephson A. 2005 adolescent substance use
10 Ferguson LM, Wormith JS. 2012 (adult and) young offenders
11 Henggeler SW, Sheidow AJ. 2012 conduct disorder and delinquency in adolescents
12 Henggeler SW, Sheidow AJ. 2003 conduct disorder and delinquency in adolescents
13 Hogue A, Liddle HA. 2009 adolescent substance abuse
14 Littell Julia H, Campbell Margo, Green Stacy, Toews Barbara 2005 (among others) delinquent youth
15 Randall J, Cunningham PB. 2003 violent substance-abusing and substance-dependent juvenile offenders
16 Tanner-Smith EE, Wilson SJ, Lipsey MW. 2013 adolescent substance use disorder
17 Tripodi SJ, Bender K, Litschge C, Vaughn MG. 2010 adolescent alcohol use
18 Waldron HB, Kaminer Y. 2004 adolescent substance use disorders
19 Waldron HB, Turner CW. 2008 adolescent substance abuse
20 Walker D F, McGovern S K, Poey E L, Otis K E 2004 adolescent sexual offenders
21 Woolfenden Susan, Williams Katrina J, Peat Jennifer 2001 adolescents with delinquency or conduct disorder